Artemisia vulgaris

Today I cut back the Artemisia vulgaris, I have waited until the new growth is well established. Cutting out the old will give the new growth more space, more light – a good reminder to shed some of the old habits, the old ways of thinking, allowing for the expansion of the new. Gosh it must be Spring.



Sipping a cup of Artemisia vulgaris infusion later that day (1 tsp of chopped fresh leaves in a cup of near boiling water and covered for 5 mins), I reflect on the times it has powerfully affected  and influenced me, others, clinical patients and a whole workshop.

Many of those stories are yet to be told in another format but the following is one of them;

Many years ago Linda Conroy  and I spent the day in the Korean Women’s Health Spa in Seattle, USA. What an amazing place to spend a day.

From hot pools to icy cold waterfall, to wet sauna and dry sauna’s, to warm mud and sand rooms and clay rooms, a dipping pool, all are imbued with infusions of Artemisia ssp.

The body treatment was nothing like I had ever experienced. The Korean body scrubbers were exactly that. Those layers scrubbed off and the skin sloshed over with the infused Artemisia waters left me with an unusual openness to the world.

I like to make those infused waters with which to slosh over the body at the end of a shower. (Make it like a cup of infusion).

Artemisia, in my experience gives strength and direction to women and yet appears to ‘soften’ men.

One thing for sure is this plant should be treated with respect at all times. Or it is a reminder that ALL plants should be treated with respect at all times. Artemisia is just a little more up front about it and a reminder that actions have consequences. Even in the plant world!

My mind is also full with the next courses beginning here at ‘Viriditas’ in October/November. WE cover respectful, sustainable gathering and growing in practice.

There is a ‘wild crafting’ interest being promoted around the world and yes, this is in opposition I think, to the ‘Big Pharma’ infiltration into the marketing of Herbal Medicines and the huge profits being made at a plant’s expense.

BUT and this is a BIG BUT – unless we gather/grow sustainably to be able to gather with respect from wild populations, we will destroy those as well.

That will be the topic of my next Blog.

This is being posted on September 30th. The Artemisia has grown visibly over the last few days.


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